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    Delivering great tuckpointing results in WA

    At Comco Restoration, we don't just do everything we can to keep your property structurally sound, we also make a point of ensuring that your property looks its best at all times. Our team offers a range of cosmetic brickwork services, including tuckpointing, paint stripping and more.


    Tuckpointing is cosmetically attractive and can greatly enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home, adding to your kerb appeal and even your property value. It is a form of cosmetic brickwork, consisting of a dark background covering the joints, followed by a stain and finally a fine, raised white line.

    We can use tuckpointing to breath new life into old brickwork, but it's not simply a matter of brick restoration. We can also use tuckpointing methods on new brickwork to give a new build a striking and attractive appearance.

    Here at Comco Restoration, we have all the skills and experience necessary to tuckpoint old and new brickwork of all kinds, and can also tuckpoint extensions to ensure that the new brickwork blends perfectly with the existing property.

    Paint stripping

    Once a wall has been painted, it's difficult to restore it to its original condition. While adding a new coat of paint works in a lot of occasions, if the existing layers of paint are peeling, bubbling or otherwise damaged, painting over it won't do.

    At Comco Restoration, we can strip previously painted walls back to their original condition through the careful and skilled application of chemical and high-temperature cleaning methods, as well as a mechanical grinding process that is ideally suited to the creation of a flat, clean surface.

    Whether you want to undo a regrettable paint job on some attractive brick or stone work, or just want to strip your walls back to their original condition before repainting them, we can get the job done right, first time.

    For more information or a free quote, call us today on 0400 776 449 .


    comco restoration tuck pointing before


    comco restoration tuckpointing after


    comco restoration tuckpointing wall before


    comco restoration tuckpointing wall after
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