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    Perth's Rising Damp Treatment Specialists

    No matter whether your property is old or new, it's all too easy to find yourself struggling with rising damp. This common problem not only causes aesthetic damage to your building, including causing paint and render to bubble and fall off, but can also undermine the building's structural integrity.

    Fortunately, the skilled and experienced team at Comco Restoration can quickly inspect your property, allowing us to diagnose and report on the problem. We can also offer expert advice and guidance to help you find a solution that's right for your home.

    Rising damp repair methods

    Here at Comco Restoration, our team of specialists understand that your home is your best asset. We know that no two properties are exactly alike; that's why we offer multiple repair and treatment methods, to ensure we deliver a solution that's right for your home.

    The first method we use involves the replacement of the original damp-proof course. Damp-proof coursing is a physical barrier that prevents water and soluble salts from rising through the walls. If it is improperly installed or just worn out, replacing it can rectify your rising damp woes. Our team will remove the bottom course of bricks in stages, clean out the cavity to prevent water bridging into the internal walls – as well as increasing airflow inside the cavity – and relay a new, impervious damp-proof layer before resetting the brickwork.

    In some cases, however, we will instead recommend chemical injection. As the name suggests, this solution involves the installation of a silicone-based cream into the lowest mortar joints of the walls. The cream is designed to spread throughout the joints by capillary action, forming a new and impervious damp-proof layer with no need to remove bricks. Chemical injection is ideally suitable for single leaf walls, as well as both new and old mortared walls.

    Rising damp before:                                               After:

    Foundation after rising damp repair in Perth
    Rendering to wall to be completed after a suitable drying out period.

    What is rising damp?

    Rising damp, often called salt damp, typically occurs on the bases of walls. A result of failure of the damp coursing which all houses are legally required to be fitted with, it consists of the moisture that the coursing is supposed to stop from rising through the walls of your property. It is known as rising damp as a result of the fact that it moves upward vertically as a result of capillary action.

    The main causes of rising damp include:

    • Old or damaged damp-proof coursing
    • Soil or paving levels above the damp-proof course
    • Poor drainage leading to water being directed under your house
    • Blocked cavities causing the rising damp to bridge the internal walls

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