Mortar/limestone repairs

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    Mortar & Brick Restoration in Perth

    Mortar repairs

    The hardworking and highly-skilled professionals at Comco Restoration have been delivering honest and reliable mortar repairs in WA for 25 years. In over a decade of service, we've learned that many homes in the Perth area have a serious problem with fretting mortar – but we've also learned how to address these issues quickly, efficiently and effectively.

    Mortar fretting is the process in which a building's existing mortar joints begin to break down, becoming powdery and even brittle. It is caused by damp problems, including rising damp, as well as weathering from the wind, the rain, and even sprinklers. It can also be a result of excessive salt in the mortar or other inappropriate mortar mixes.

    Our team of experts make use of a reliable repair method. We will:

    • Cut out the fretted and weathered mortar joints to a depth of 20mm
    • Wash out the joints
    • Re-point all affected areas
    • Tool off to the original jointing
    • Lightly acid clean brick faces

    We use a mortar mix that is in full accordance with Australian Standards. What's more, we make a point of making sure that our mortar matches the colour of the existing mortar and joint as closely as possible.

    Limestone joint repairs

    Moisture can cause serious problems for limestone structures, affecting not only the mortar joints but also the limestone blocks themselves. If left untreated, limestone substrate can deteriorate significantly, causing severe structural problems for your property.

    Fortunately, you can depend on Comco Restoration to address the problem efficiently and effectively. We will cut out fretted and damaged limestone joints, as well as replace the mortar with a new, lime-based mortar. Our team can also clean and seal your limestone to protect it from future damage.


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    Ground out

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    Wall before brick restoration in Perth

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