Crack stitching

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    WA's specialists in crack stitching

    If your brickwork is cracked or you're struggling with a damaged or deteriorating lintel, your home can be in serious trouble. Here at Comco Restoration, however, we are ideally positioned to provide clients in Perth and throughout Western Australia with efficient and effective solutions to these issues.

    Crack stitching

    Cracks in the wall are not only unsightly, but they can be a symptom of serious underlying problems with your home. What's more, just having a crack in your building's wall can undermine the structural strength of your property.

    Brickwork and masonry can move and crack for many reasons. Whether your home is affected by poor foundations, tree roots, cyclical wet and dry environmental conditions, poor drainage, or even seismic activity, dealing with it can be a real headache.

    You can always count on the team at Comco Restoration to provide reliable repairs and restorations. Our crack stitching method consists of using an appropriate cutting device to cut slots into the horizontal mortar beds, injecting a bead of grout into that groove, installing stainless steel HeliBars into the grout and applying another bead of grout before leaving it to set.

    Once that's done, we'll repoint the mortar to match the existing colour and tone of your walls. We like to leave your walls not only more structurally sound but also better looking than we found them.

    Lintel replacement

    Lintels are a horizontal component, usually made of steel, which span the opening between two vertical supports, carrying the weight of the wall above. They are primarily found over doors, windows, garages, and fireplaces.

    Unfortunately, steel lintels rust over time when exposed to moisture. This can cause your lintels to expand to up to six times their original thickness, causing structural damage to the surrounding substrates. This is often visible in cracking brickwork, either at a vertical or 45-degree angle from the lintel, as well as rust staining on the undersides of your lintel.

    If you're struggling with a problem like that, Comco Restoration can help. Our team will replace your old or damaged lintel with a brand new, hot-dipped, galvanised lintel. We support the above wall before cutting out the old lintel, then replace it with the new one, as well as repairing the surrounding bricks and mortar joints, if necessary.

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