Concrete cancer / crack repairs

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    Efficient Concrete Cancer Repair in Perth

    Concrete cancer

    If you're dealing with drummy and delaminated concrete, cracking to walkways, columns and stairwells, rust stains or flaking paintwork, you might be looking at a case of concrete cancer. Whether it's caused by the presence of contaminants or the action of the weather combined with atmospheric properties, concrete cancer can become expensive to deal with.

    Water penetration causes the concrete reinforcement to rust and expand. In turn, this places increased stress on the surrounding concrete, causing it to crack or spall. Over time, small hairline cracks can spread out, becoming both costly and dangerous to deal with. If left untreated, concrete cancer can cause concrete to become unstable, posing a serious risk of falling debris which can cause personal injury. The team at Comco Restoration have extensive experience treating concrete cancer and pride themselves on the effectiveness of their treatment. Our team will remove the spalled concrete, as well as expose any rusted steel bars back to clean steel.

    Then, we'll grind the steel back and treat it with inhibitors before sealing with a zinc-rich compound, preventing future rust and making sure the problem does not reoccur. Finally, we'll repair the concrete using specially modified polymer mortars, bringing it back to it's original profile.

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    Waterproof membranes

    As well as restoring damaged concrete, Comco Restoration can apply state-of-the-art waterproof membranes to protect your concrete from water and soluble salt ingression. Our waterproofing solutions make use of a full range of high-performance acrylic and polyurethane membranes which offer both durability and elasticity.

    These membranes offer a number of benefits, including reducing the risk of concrete cancer and improving the aesthetic appearance of your substrate. They are anti-slip, UV-stabilised and can bridge small cracks in your concrete.

    As a part of our ongoing commitment to delivering complete customer satisfaction at all times, we provide a 10-year, manufacturer-backed warranty on all of our warranty membranes. 

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    Concrete crack repairs

    If you're dealing with cracks in your concrete, it can be difficult to know what to do. Fortunately for you, the clean and courteous team at Comco Restoration have been providing effective concrete repairs and restorations in WA for more than 25 years.

    We go out of our way to provide a tailored fix for cracks of all kinds. As both hairline and larger cracks let water and soluble salts into the substrate, leading to the corrosion of internal steel Rio bars, it is important to ensure that these cracks are repaired efficiently and effectively.

    Our team's dependable method consists of opening up the cracks and then filling them up with many different compounds. Making use of quality products such as epoxy resins, polyurethane sealants and polymer based mortars, our experts will ensure a complete, effective repair of your cracked concrete.


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